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Welcome to Overseen

An entire world of botflipping simplified for you.
From listing bots for sale to staying up to date on the biggest bot restocks, we enable you to do it all.

Desktop Application

An intuitive app, designed to make buying, selling and tracking popular bots an automated process.


Our dynamic Dashboard is the most sophisticated bot inventory manager available on the market. Ever forgot to renew your bot? Tired of constantly scanning marketplaces to know what your bots are worth? All these tedious issues have been solved and automated with Overseen!


Our Automatic Market Poster is by far our most groundbreaking feature, which saves you the effort of having to constantly post in bot marketplaces. We also revolutionize with our Discord Burner Manager, which allows you to store all your Discord accounts in one place and launch them with the click of a button.


Our Restocks Tab provides a small glimpse into our bot restock offerings. Other than our comprehensive in-bot restock guides, you can also find the fastest Discord Invite Claimer supporting multiple burners, link opener and link appender.

Overseen Chrome

Our Chrome Extensions makes purchasing exclusive bots, groups, tools and shoes a seamless task.


The panel covers all bases from Stripe, Shopify to other sites, allowing you to secure limited goods at incomparable speeds.

Bot Scripts

Overseen offers built in Auto-Checkout scripts for over 14 different bots! With more bots and groups being added to our current list by the day.

DIY & Custom Scripts

Overseen's DIY page allows you to create custom scripts for ANY site! Set keywords for custom buttons and text fields, Overseen Chrome will automate the process for you making the difference between success and failure on many bot restocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered to the most common questions below. If these do not suffice, you can contact us on Twitter which can be found in the footer down below.

Overseen is currently priced at $49.99 for 2 months, then $19.99 monthly.

A Desktop Application, Chrome Extension, Web-based Twitter Monitors, Bot Restock Information, Bot Investment Signals, 1 on 1 Support and much more to come...

All purchases are non-refundable under any circumstances. This is covered in our Terms of Service.

We currently support Windows and MacOS.